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‘‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

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I get the same reaction if I use my nebulizer in the kitchen!

To Jennifer (jr2366) – I know you were asking Sue how she adjusted but i thought I’d add my experience. I found the first few days/weeks to be the most challenging, in adjusting to airway clearance taking up to an hour in the morning and in the evening (after I decided to do it twice a day). I’ve come to accept that this will be a part of my life and I’d rather do this than be on medication again; I was on the Big 3 for 6 months before I developed tinnitus and lost hearing in my right ear. After hearing about other people’s experience, I am grateful to be able to manage with just this twice daily imposition to my day.

I hope you will find this forum as helpful as I have as the information and support make this disease a little more tolerable.

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Kathy if you don't mind my questions what did you mean by clearing airway experience and I only do my nebuzier with arikayce medication once a day is what dr prescribed. oh geez so this is a possibility as well the no hearing too I'm happy to be alive and there's medication however I'm still feeling the pain in my lung hopefully the medication will take care of that soon I'm hoping do ;you think so?