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WOW!!!!! You did it! I'm so pleased for you! The small, neighborhood Walmart grocery is where I go…won't go to the super store ever. So glad you got it, finally. And had an easy time of it as well. So pleased you called Mayo covid #. Now, you just let that tough body of yours make lots and lots of antibodies so you will be protected! I'm actually breathing easier right now, for you. That's strange, but I do feel like you and I are friends. One day I hope we do meet…when we can enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch.

Hope all is well and you have a good rest after this battle. Won…I'm doing pretty well at the moment under the circumstances. Took son Rob to his PCP today for hospital follow-up. Then for bloodwork and on the way home, we just happened to stop by Publix, grocery store, for dog food! I haven't been in a grocery store in a year???????? But, the puppy – precious, joyful, white 8lb Havanese who is full of joy and life and fun and love. I've been taking care of her….to the horror of my older kitty, Samantha, who barely tolerates her…..now she's home with her daddy who can barely take care of her but does, with such love and care. So, we shopped for groceries together, he and I both desperate for food! I haven't ordered groceries delivered for over 2 weeks due to Rob's hospitalizations.

Driving home, mile or so down the street from the grocery store, I mentioned I hoped he got the very best doggie food 'cause she's the very best doggie ever…..he was quiet. I looked at him…we turned into a Pet Supermarket and got a huge bag of too expensive dog food! Then, home, unloaded all for him and me and had to put up food! You know, I'm really pleased my body is doing pretty well during this long, stressful time. Walking ok, not too much pain, have as much energy as I need. And I'm able to stay calm, quiet, slow my thoughts, etc., to help him to stay calm, lessen his anxiety. God is so good.

Again, congratulations, seaspray. You rock!
Will chat soon after I get this son improved, I have a postponed procedure this Friday, and hopefully Rob gets going with his new Mayo neurologist/specialist in dystonia. That appt is Thursday. Please keep him in your thoughts…
Blessings all.

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Oh my dear Elizabeth….You and I have so much in common that we must find a way to get together for that coffee. I do need your advice on getting the help for my son as it sounds like you navigated your way through the system. I have asked for help but really got the run around. I plan on getting him registered at Mayo after I get my 2nd vaccine.

Too funny about the dog! It was meant to be for Rob to forget to buy the junky grocery store dog food!! Only the best for our babies. I order all of my Labradors food on Chewy as they have such a wonderful variety. I even buy her toys from there as I have not been in a Petco or any other store in a year!

We are tough ladies, for sure. It is hard enough to be trying to chase our health problems and keep up with all the appointments but we also have our son's to care for. The sentence you wrote, "And I'm able to stay calm, quiet, slow my thoughts, etc., to help him to stay calm, lessen his anxiety" is my life to a tee. If I slip up, I pay for it. I just wish I could get mine to move like you have!!!!

Sorry you had to cancel your procedure this week but we do what we have to do. I get it. I will be at Mayo next Wednesday for a MOH surgery on my hand. Let me know if you will be there and I will try to find you!!!

Hang in there, deep breath's and keep moving! I will be thinking of you and Rob and praying his appointment Thursday goes smoothly.


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