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Hi All,
I got the vaccine today and was so relived it is behind me! I did call the Mayo covid hotline yesterday and told the nurse that I was about to receive my vaccine from Walmart and that I had to lie on 4 questions when filling out the form online. They asked me what the questions were and instantly referred me to someone higher up!! The PA I spoke with thought it was horrible that I was not called at Mayo and even worse to have to lie on this form. I had to say "no" to cancer, radiation, skin test and drug allergies! But, she said go for it anyway. So far I feel fine, not even a sore arm!! The Walmart I went to was just a grocery store, not a super Walmart. It was fairly empty and there was only 1 person in front of me. I had to wait 30 minutes after (because I have not had any vaccines as an adult) and no other appointments came in. So, all in all, it was a good experience. Can't wait to go shopping one day!!!

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I also lied on form for Walgreens, if answer yes to question about cancer, they would not let you schedule online. My cancer treatment ended two years ago, so figured I was safe. I am over 65, so qualified according to MN rules. Got my shot last Fri at Walgreens in Rochester MN. 2nd shot scheduled first week March.


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