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seaspray!!!!! I've been off this site for several days and here you are, my friend, being the wonderful, outspoken, fiesty, gladiator you are! I love your spirit. You've been fighting so many years against the horrible bad cells trying to conquer your body….and winning! You are a winner!!!

I also don't understand why you weren't in line for the vaccine before me in Jan…..I think I shouldn't analyze this one too much, as I keep coming back to one of two possibilities-a huge mistake OR I'm at more risk from covid19 than you! Both are unthinkable. I don't believe Mayo makes huge mistakes, I have so much positive to say about the place. I also don't want to think I'm in worse shape than you…..but, I think I am. You, my new friend, are fighting all your health issues and life issues with full force of your personality.

You go, mama. Walmart can't touch you! Suggestion: go week-day only, when there are fewer people there, double mask and stay away from everyone. Drown yourself in sanitizer! I was just in a small store on the way home w/my son from Mayo hospital. It was not a good time to go, but they had excellent safety/cleaning precautions in place and everyone I saw was following protocol.

Let us know when you have your appt, please. I bet you will be covered in love and good thoughts and prayers for protection and safety as you get that needle in your arm. I'm praying for you anyway!

Catch you later. I'm getting ready to drive Rob to his PCP for hospital follow-up visit. Also, hope to get some direction for him as to what to do now to get help he needs. Home health care P.T. is there now. Getting him agitated and anxious…..but, hopefully, that will settle and adjust as the providers realize his limitations, high anxiety and agitation level…..

Blessings, my friend. And to all….elizabeth

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Hi All,
I got the vaccine today and was so relived it is behind me! I did call the Mayo covid hotline yesterday and told the nurse that I was about to receive my vaccine from Walmart and that I had to lie on 4 questions when filling out the form online. They asked me what the questions were and instantly referred me to someone higher up!! The PA I spoke with thought it was horrible that I was not called at Mayo and even worse to have to lie on this form. I had to say "no" to cancer, radiation, skin test and drug allergies! But, she said go for it anyway. So far I feel fine, not even a sore arm!! The Walmart I went to was just a grocery store, not a super Walmart. It was fairly empty and there was only 1 person in front of me. I had to wait 30 minutes after (because I have not had any vaccines as an adult) and no other appointments came in. So, all in all, it was a good experience. Can't wait to go shopping one day!!!

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