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Colleen, Found something!!!!! On the link, I went to Covid-19 Guidance for Mayo Clinic....again, for the 10th time....and saw an underlined FLORIDA. Clicked on it. Got a list of questions re Fla Mayo Patients covid vaccine. wonderful. Beginning in early Jan2021, Mayo will begin contacting patients on portal who meet their requirements for getting vaccine. Etc. So, I wait til then. And, there's a nurse call # I'll begin calling next week just to see which doc or whatever....Well. we got somewhere! Tks. This was a struggle to get this info. But,., we did it. Elizabeth

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@ess77 thanks for your perseverance! For anyone looking for the page to which Elizabeth refers, see it here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/coronavirus-covid-19/vaccine

Go to the third bullet and click your Mayo Clinic location for further details.

@ess77- Good morning. I am so glad that you found a temporary solution to your questions about when, where, and who to go to for COVID-19 vaccines. I'm pretty upset with this whole roll-out thing too. And, I'm also high risk so I'm biting at the bit for one. From the beginning, the handling of covid-19 and now vaccines for it have been bungled here in the US. And I'm livid about it. There are wasted supplies, mistakes with keeping the vaccines at the temperature that they need to be and a roll-out system that isn't national.

Despite being told to be patient it's very difficult to remain so. I also got the run-around answer from my doctor. No one seems to know what is going on in my state. My governor is a biggie on keeping things hidden.

The fact that you received, at least, some hope gives me some. Thanks for posting!

Elizabeth-I too am a patient at Mayo here in Jacksonville and as of now, the middle of January, have not heard a word regarding the vaccine. I sent a message via my portal to my care team and they have no answers. I went for a Dermatology appt last week and had to walk through about 100 people all congregated in the Canaday building waiting on their vaccine. Totally unorganized. Then I heard they ran out of vaccines. I do not want to be standing for hours with a large group of people inside a building. I have my oncologist appt this week and will ask again what order they are going in.