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@migizii– This does sound crazy! I believe that the CDC is now including those of us who have underlying conditions in the next couple of months. I'm not sure if we can decide when to get the vaccine. I think that it depends on what schedule your state has set up with CDC recommendations. Many states have different schedules. My PCP can't decide when I get my vaccination but can recommend what group I fit in. I'm sure that there is some formula that is being used to determine this.

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Thx for your response. I emailed my PCP and he said he has no idea when the vaccine will be available to the public, but does see the importance of priority for me……thus, to me, this sounds like no answer. According to what I read today on the MN dept of health website: after front line workers and nursing home residents; some essential workers (that I used to be, but had to quit (due to my health when covid arrived) and people 75yrs and older will be next. I am 65, so it appears it maybe a long time for me to wait. The third tier will be me unless something changes from the state health dept. I would never want to supersede someone more vulnerable than me, but I think the system set up leaves me in a precarious position. I know others are content to sit at home, but I have others in my home that interact in the community everyday for their jobs and their views of covid safety are not always as conscientious as us on this forum, which raises my anxiety occasionally. Then, I give myself reassurance that I can only do what I can and move on with hope that all be well.