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@migizii– The purpose of your PCP is to be the one medical person who oversees your major health care. If you need more specialized care then he will refer you to a specialist. Most, if not all of your vaccines or boosters are given in your PCP's office. They will treat you for the flu or COVID-19 and refer you to be tested. If you have had aches and pains and have your doctor believes that you might have arthritis he might refer you to a specialist. They used to be called family doctors.
Have you called your PCP to find out when you might be vaccinated in your state?

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I decided to wait until January as our state has outlined vaccines in an order that does not include me for a long time. It is unfortunate since I had to quit my job due to covid and now they are getting vaccinations….I don’t want to take a sicker persons vaccination but priorities are sometimes askew. I will hold out hope that my PCP will take my pulmonologist’s advise that I am a high priority.