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As Dr. Poland pointed out in one his podcasts, the vaccine will likely be distibuted through large medcal facilites that have the required refrigeration capabilies that some vaccines require. That is why I am looking to Mayo for my vaccine.
My PCP cares for my health needs. He is not associated with Mayo. My concern is that I will have as much info as he regarding Covid vaccines but neither of us will have access.
I consider myself a Mayo patient. While the "care team" concept sounds good, I just don't understand how it gets implemented.

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@rred– Good morning. I'm confused also. Since the beginning of this virus, nothing has been clear. everything has appeared shrouded in mystery. It has served no purpose in the health system but creates chaos and misunderstandings.

The CDC just announced that older people who have compromised immune systems like cancer will also be vaccinated soon. The CDC has only made recommendations and it is up to individual states to implement the vaccines. I think that what Dr. Poland was referring to when he said that the vaccines would be distributed through large medical facilities is that they would be shipped there first due to refrigeration capabilities but then dispersed from those facilities. Right now I don't see how large medical facilities can handle any more than they are.

I understand your confusion about the "care team". Do you have more than one doctor at Mayo? If so do they all confer about your health to recommend the best possible treatments for you?