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Will I be able to get the vaccine at Mayo? I am 72 year old Mayo cancer patient with Stage 4a Adenocancer NSCLC.

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@blueg1948– Welcome to Mayo Connect. My first question is, are you a patient at Mayo? If you are then you will need to discuss having the vaccine. Look below at @sueinmn's post too.

If you are not a patient at Mayo then I suggest that you contact your provider. My cancer staging is the same as yours. I'm 74 and plan on getting vaccinated as soon as my provider notifies me.

I look forward to what has brought you to Connect.

Have you joined the Cancer Group?

I have checked with my pulmonologist’s office at Mayo, Rochester. I am a patient for specialists but am from a “different region” as they call it and will need to receive my vaccine in my “home region.” Thus, I need to contact my PCP in my local, small community and wait for my turn for the vaccine, unless Mayo changes course, and allows me to get a vaccine there. I received this news in mid-December. Good luck and sat safe❤️