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Wherein Fla? Gen area please? I have to wind up legal stuff in CA and get moving better here water therapy is so wonderful. My family is in Palm Coasut, Riverview, Boca Raton. Warm warmer and warmist!

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lolaemma, I'm in Jacksonville, not far from Palm Coast, which I love. It's really growing, tho, changes it alot. Love this area. Beaches, very Florida but not as hot as further south. That makes me happy. I love Florida, but don't want to live south of Orlando anymore. It's much hotter and very different. Have family in Port Orange, Mt. Dora – central Fla, used to be packed full of orange groves. Disney's there now! ANd the Villages! where the orange trees were. Beautiful area – are you planning to make a move? It's a bit of heaven and I can't handle cold or ice or snow. Physically can't handle it at all, so I'm in the right place. Might be good to be near family, too? Water therapy? I use the 94degree therapy pool 2X weekly, usually….begin again this week! Blessings, Elizabeth

Thank you. My one finger tapping is so messy.Mg daughter and hubby bought in PC 2009 now retired there and certainly content. Their son and family in Riverview also sounds good. Need to clear out excess and visit when back on my feet. Self representing in divorce that was initiated two years ago is hysterically funny to me now. So mentally occupied us not a problem.I'm never bored but have alot of distractions. The rest of family two sons in CA probably won't leave. Conn is the rest when Leah retires maybe but ? Too cold. Right now healing is my priority. Standing and walking now. I didn't pack my stuff. Home was under renovation it was easier to point out donations.My dog is in foster care close need to be able to care for her. Phone broke in ER replacement insured hah! Dream about Sheila and I sitting in warm light dozing. Our favorite activity. How could I be bored? Busy busy. Happy safe New Year.

I live in Palm Coast, since 1998. It has grown so much, but I still love living here. We have such beauty here with many natural trails and parks. I’m not able to walk them any more, but once Mayo schedules my back fusion I am hopeful I can get back to more activity.
We have UHC supplement and many places participate, so I can look forward to exercise in their heated pools, or classes.
This is as far south in Florida I want to be. It’s been in the thirties the last few mornings, and warms up today to the seventies I think!
There is a housing shortage here, both in rentals and sales! So plan ahead if moving, I think all of the north is moving to Florida!