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I was a caregiver for 23 years and cared for three generations of family members. My husband died on Nov. 28th. I anticipated his death for years and planned consciously and unconsciously for it. My gift to me is a part-time job with the Open to Hope Foundation as Assistant Editor of http://www.opentohope.com
I accepted the job because I have the kind of mind that needs to be busy all the time. Working part-time fits my daily writing schedule and I am thrilled wit h the offer and the timing. Tis a gift I never expected.

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I've been thinking of going back to work, but then, I am on disability and the stress is hard on me. I'm on SSDI. I am glad that you found a job that fits into your lifestyle and schedule. I have been on the go receintly and I'm finding that perhaps I really shouldn't work, so I get lonely not working. I became active in my church instead, and have made some new friends. But we are all loners, I think I'll call one today and see what she's up to with the holidays approaching. Covid has gone around this area, everyone is hibernating from the Covid bug, I think that has increased my stress and lonliness.

opentohope, I like that! we have a Blue Christmas service at my church, for those of us not having a happy happy holiday due to grief or loss. I maybe should go , or participate in your website, thank you!

@harriethodgson1 My sincere condolences on the passing of your husband. I know you were a dedicated caregiver, and have offered hard-won insights with us here on Mayo Connect. Your experiences give you a unique gift of relating to others.

Congratulations on the type of job you hoped for!

@harriethodgson1 Harriet, I’m so sorry to hear of the death of your husband. That’s great though that you will now be doing something that will be so enjoyable and fulfilling for you,
I hope you have a good Christmas with family and/or friends.

@harriethodgson1– My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your husband.