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Dislocated hip again!

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Hi I have now just had surgery to put cap liner put in , one day in . My surgeon is a specialist in revision hip surgeries and has been my surgeon throughout , a lot of my problem is muscle deterioration 😔 but am a little skeptical as he said he changed stem shaft and Ball as well ? So does that mean some where loose ? He said everything looked firm and custom cage is secure . I just have to trust it was 🤨 I to have a brace and wore it for 2 months after last dislocation until now .
I have stood up but not taken a step as such my anxiety flew through the roof . We shall see what today brings . Thanks

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@amallasch It's understandable that you are anxious to take that first step, especially considering everything you have been through. I think P.T.S.D. due to medical issues isn't acknowledged enough. It is also true that having a serious medical issue most often goes hand in hand with depression and anxiety.

Let us know how those first steps go. All of us are rooting for you.

Glad to hear you are in good hands. I had to have both ball & cup changed after dislocation, yours sounds a lot tougher.
Hang in there – as I always say (and literally in your case) – recovery will begin with baby steps.

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