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Fast Hospital In and Out

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@fiesty76 – Great that your 10 year old got such quick care! That’s why he was discharged the next day. If the appendix has not ruptured, he will be fine- especially since they do laparoscopic appendectomies now.
My son had a similar story- he had a stomach virus this time of year when he was 16. When he felt better he ate fried chicken … That night he came to me with stomach ache. This parent doctor also checked him out- nothing found and assumed it was the chicken. A couple of hours later he returned with worse pains. When I felt his stomach, the pain had moved to the right lower area. So- off we go to ER. Surgery fairly soon, laparoscopic. He was discharged later that day.
They do the same for a lot of orthopedic surgery nowadays.

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The various specialties within the Denver Children's Hospital had Social workers that typically talk with the parents … I'm sure if you have questions that those social workers are available..

Thank you for your response and reassurance, @astaingegerdm. I was surprised that laparoscopy wasn't done for our little guy…no idea for the reason for not choosing that but know the dr. dad must have been comfortable with whatever the explanation. My daughter reported that the incision was "glued" so no removal of stitches would be required. Good to hear from another who has had a similar experience and that all went well for both of our boys.