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My wife forgetting: Diagnosed with MCI

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Bless your heart, it sounds like you are so very patient and kind. My husband also brings me his phone and says things like, "Can you fix this on my phone, I have never seen this before". And, there is nothing at all different on the phone. He just forgets how to navigate through it. So I understand your dear wife not being able to find the text button. This morning my husband asked me what month we were in and he thought it was June. He also seems to be nervous if I am away for any length of time such as the store, or visiting family for a few hours. He is reluctant to let me drive too far and fears something will happen to me. I have started to stay home more and sometimes feel so sad. I need to find a way to balance seeing other members of my family. Both families live an hour away. I work on patience too. Especially the repetitive nature of his questions. You are correct, these are small things in the scheme of things, and I too need to work on fixing that part of myself. May I ask how old your dear wife is? My husband is 71, but I saw glimpses of the changes years ago.

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My wife is 72 and was 1st diagnosed back 2014 but I'm still learning. She lost her sense of smell & taste over a year ago and no we are thinking her constipation (going on for over a month) might also be due to MCI. We can’t find a MD that agrees, all they say “it could be”. Very frustrating for her since none of the over-the-counter medications (recommended by her PCP) are working.
We go to the gym together (about every other day) and when she get's on a machine (treadmill, bicycle, etc) I check on her to see if she has any questions then I go and work out (but keeping one eye on her). Sometimes she will forget her headphones, so I'll go track them down because otherwise she will get upset. If I don't find the headphones, I give her one (an extra I keep in my bag) and say I found it, that way she doesn't get upset. We live in the Northeast, so luckily she at least knows what season it is. 😊 but generally she doesn't know what month/day it is.
I do try to keep her involved in day to day activities as much as possible. Because of past problems, I ask to review all the checks she writes for the monthly bills. I seal all the envelopes and mail them. It would be a lot easier (for me) if we paid the bills electronically but I want her involved as much as possible in household matters. I know, eventually, I will be taking care of everything but until then, I try to keep her involved, for her own peace of mind.
I know what we are doing would be impossible if I was still working, so I’m very lucky to have been able to retire at 66. Good luck.

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