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Need answers soon .

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@tlovesherdad2020 I agree with @scottij with more information. In the last 18 months i went from healthy to 3 heart attacks and currently stage 3-C heart failure. Recently i have been what they called "in fluid overload". They have me on torsimide which they keep doubling to help drain fluid and checking kidneys and whatnot almost every other day. My legs and feet look like somebody blew them up like ballons and they say my stomach and arms are also full and "puffy". They have tried in office lasiks and now want me to go in-patient for iv lasiks and a right side cath. My ef on echo is just under 35 and 26 with nuclear scan at last check. So if you happen to know what meds they have him on, or maybe something to suggest to them that he needs more immediate care to get him "dried out".

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@lovesherdad2020 I agree with @shawnb2020 and @scottij all very farmilure to my start down the road of Heart issues. If the doctors want.to admit him that would be advised I waited to long and was at an ef of 5 % before they got enough fluid off of me. And they did it the same way using IV lasix. So please if you are this concerned maybe a drive to the ER or ambulance if the breathing gets difficult. Breathing was what finially got me to the ER I couldn't lay down at all and was actually sleeping sitting up so I could breath.