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Neurogenic Muscle Tetany (contractions)

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I totally get the opposite leg/arm thing. I was face down, a Dr pushed on my left leg and the right spazzed out made the leg tremor in up&downward motion really fast .Try using the electric blanket/rub down before stretch to warm up the muscles. You don't have to stretch fully, just little bit everyday goes a long way…to the degree that you can tolerate. When I stretch I do both at the same time…sit in a chair using a light band for the arms pulling apart at the same time….above the head, chest level, side to side and like you are drawing an archery bow. Legs I stand away from the wall and lean forward/push for some resistance. I do push ups against the wall too. I do squats holding onto the kitchen sink with both arms and pull to stretch both arms equally, while at the same time giving the legs some light exercise. Everything I do is modified and only 1-5 reps. I try to walk around more. As time goes by you will see less bruising. It's taken about a year for my muscles to mellow out some with my routine. Now I get a bruise here and there, not consistently like I used to. I avoid supplements all together that have b6 overload and just trying to include more veges with each meal and having a variety of meats and fish.

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Sounds like you're on a good plan. So glad it's working for you! Warmest wishes, Sunnyflower

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