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Thank you to all that have enquired after me. Yesterday I noticed the “ view more “ box, I was thinking that no one was writing anymore, I should have known. I called the referred Dr’s office weeks ago and was told they do so many referrals a month, guess it hasn’t been my month yet. Now with COVID 19 all appointments we had have been postponed. My memory problems continue, my husband keeps telling me “ you don’t listen to me” trouble is he talks so much, I have a hard time filtering out what I really need to listen to. I have to laugh sometimes at the things I do. I made a meal for a man who’s wife had died and called to ask what time he would like me to bring it. I didn’t hear from him so just took it when it was ready. A few weeks later I was listening to my messages on my cell phone and found the message for the man. Apparently I called from our home phone and left the message on my cell phone, no wonder he didn’t answer. 😬 our house goes on the market in 11 days, we’ve been unable to find a place in NY, complicated by having 2 cats and a dog. Also trying to get our daughter set up with a day program to attend. Some days are better than others.

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I don’t seem to have a very good memory. I marvel at my friends but I have always been a bit that way about details. I self diagnose myself with mild attention deficit disorder at 65. Something in my mind tells me I don’t need that info especially when people get long winded. A lot has to do with my anxiety and being in the present moment. Of course, it is a part of aging. Hope I don’t sound like a know it all. These are thoughts I have regarding me personally. Maybe it can help others. As always, it pays to have a good sense of humor if your issues aren’t extreme.

Virus is a scare and docs have cancelled Medicare pts. but the phych doc (who cares) could find another way to see you if you had Skype, for example.
Mild depression following divorce and lack of money and now the Virus, guess poorer people don't count for much.
it's Lonely out here.

why and how do we get picture?

Hi, @emyliander - so sorry to hear it hasn't been your month yet regarding the referral.

What is your sense of what/how much your husband understands the symptoms you are experiencing at this time with memory, etc.?