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I am a hospital pharmacist working on COVID-19 units who got PMR after my 2nd Shingrex vaccine. So I've been on the fence whether to get the vaccine or not. I'm down to 2 mg Prednisone after starting in March. I sure don't want a flare up of PMR but I see the severe illness that COVID-19 can cause. I'm encouraged with the roll out that no serious side effects have been seen yet. I likely will get it when the hospital offers it in the near future

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Thanks for your insights Brian. I too feel my PMR was induced by the shingrix vaccine. I went undiagnosed for too long. I’ve been on the fence on the vaccine too.
I’m at 10.5, since I had a strong relapse and had GCA symptoms appear, so I had to ramp back up to 15… going very slowly down.
I’m over 65… so likely not on the list for a couple of months. I’m feeling as though I should take the vaccine. Let’s all keep the conversation going.
Btw, my husband who is healthcare person/ scientist at a VA hospital, is in a drug trial for a single dose vaccine made by Jannsen. ( J& J). It is an adenovirus type of vaccine. Not sure when/ if it will become available.

Hi. Any update? My otherwise healthy 82-year old mom got PMR within days of her 2nd Shingrex vaccine a couple years ago and ended up in excruciating pain, bedridden for weeks, hospitalized for a week, on oxygen and in a wheel chair. It's been 2 years with no flare ups and she's eligible for the COVID vaccine. She's just started having shoulder pain a few days ago but hasn't had blood tests of SED and CReactive Protein levels. I'm terrified that she will have another vaccine-related immune response, but am also worried about Covid. Would love to hear how you did with the vaccine. Thanks.

I am in the same camp. My PMR came from the Shingrix II, and nobody told me it was possible. In fact, I never had chicken pox, but was told I should get it anyway. The onset was almost immediate, and really kicked in after the second shot. I scoured the internet and only found whitewashed articles with no evidence of such side effects. So I have an autoimmune disorder for life I guess, …. and everybody is being so 'honest' about the unlikely damage to this battered old frame! If it works today, it will work tomorrow, … and next year!

I have been reading some studies done on the relationship between the flu vaccine and polymyalgia. I do believe I got polymyalgia from the flu vaccine because I have had so many. This is also why I think it affects older people because they have had more than most. I have had 3o flu vaccines and will not have anymore. I am therefore quite concerned about what this new coronavirus vaccine will do to my immune system. I am 59 now and have had polymyalgia now for over 5 years and am still symptomatic and still on prednisone though only 5 mgs.

I also got PMR immediately (like the next day) after getting my 2nd Shingrix vaccine. I read quite a few of these, and thought about it, and got my first Covid vaccine (Pfizer) this past Saturday with no issues. I figured if the Covid vac. flared up the PMR, they can just bump my prednisone back up to 20mg (am currently at 12.5, tapering down 2.5 every 2 wks),

I believe I contracted PMR (diagnosed) from the first Shingrex vaccine, plus flu vaccine given at the same time, different arms in 2019. I just finished 14 months of prednisone, but have developed extremely painful shoulders and weak arms after 2nd Moderna shot. I fear that it is a PMR flare up.

I AM JUST READING YOUR POST FROM 12/28/20 and wondering if you have gotten the covid vaccine by now OR WHETHER YOU CHOSE TO SKIP IT?