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The package insert that comes with the vaccine will set forth all the warnings and known side effects. So far they appear to be mild (sore arm, some headache) and 6 reported anaphylactic shock out of more than a million doses. Assuming that’s all accurately reported, it should be very safe. And yes, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are “messenger DNA”, meaning they don’t have live or inactivated virus but rather a synthetic that has been modified to deliver the message to our immune system for help, and it is actually our own system that knocks out the coronavirus. It should be safe but best to get it where a professional is standing by in case of shock (which can be managed by epinephrine and adrenaline if necessary). For me, I’m taking it as I see it as a better risk than getting COVID.

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@pfafpa I had the first dose of Pfizer for Covid today and my reaction within 45 minutes was, my arm hurt, I had a bit of aching in my neck/jaw junction on the same side of the injection, headache, feeling queasy and tired, and then base of my tongue started to hurt on one side (opposite side from the injection). That was a concern because of the possibility of anaphylactic reaction where the tongue and throat swell closed cutting off breathing in a severe allergic reaction. Out of caution, they sent me to the ER and they did an IV with some antihistamines (including Benadryl) and steroids. The pain in my tongue stopped within 20 minutes. If that would have become a severe reaction, this was an early stage, and it is much better to treat early because it can turn into a serious problem in an instant.. The ER doc said usually that type of reaction happens immediately. She also said I would not need epinephrine. The treatment made me tired, but I felt much better by 9 PM which was about 5 hours after the vaccination. I am still tired an headachy.