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Ask your doctor or pain clinic

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Nov 25, 2020 | Replies (25)

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@jesfactsmon @faithwalker007 Hank. Interesting questions. I am particularly interested in the latter as I have been prescribed some painkillers that according to the MME dosage scale I feel should leave me in no pain but it still is unbearable for many hours a day,
Especially the bottom of my feet. It is not even half of the MME scale but if I ask for more it would put me there. Renee, is this me being unable to handle pain appropriately? If I still feel pain is it appropriate to ask for me if it puts me at the halfway mark? I feel so very selfish and hope the myofascial release therapy will eventually cure it but even if it does it could take up to a year. Is 3-4 hours out of bed a day acceptance? I still feel my quality of life is so poor I cannot do more than wash dishes or make the bed on good days. Thanks so much for both of your wise opinions.

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As I have told Hank, management of your pain to a goal of acceptable quality of life for YOU is what is important. You need to decide what is realistic and acceptable.
Pain is a feature of your life now but it need not control you. If it is, stop letting it. I know that’s easier said than done. I walk that path everyday.
Talk to your pain specialist about a realistic goal regarding your pain management and then task yourself and them to REACH IT.
You and your team may never actually reach that goal but it will be a journey and an enlightenment of your life to merely to begin it.

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