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Ask your doctor or pain clinic

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Nov 25, 2020 | Replies (25)

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Renee, with a 40% pain reduction, what would you say your overall pain level is on a 1-10 scale? Just trying to quantify how much residual pain your meds, stimulator, etc. leave you with. Another question, more rhetorical, do you think one person can handle pain better than another person? Is there anything to what I used to hear about how some people are more "stoic" than others, meaning they do not feel the pain as much as another person might? Interested in your opinion. Best, Hank

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@jesfactsmon @faithwalker007 Hank. Interesting questions. I am particularly interested in the latter as I have been prescribed some painkillers that according to the MME dosage scale I feel should leave me in no pain but it still is unbearable for many hours a day,
Especially the bottom of my feet. It is not even half of the MME scale but if I ask for more it would put me there. Renee, is this me being unable to handle pain appropriately? If I still feel pain is it appropriate to ask for me if it puts me at the halfway mark? I feel so very selfish and hope the myofascial release therapy will eventually cure it but even if it does it could take up to a year. Is 3-4 hours out of bed a day acceptance? I still feel my quality of life is so poor I cannot do more than wash dishes or make the bed on good days. Thanks so much for both of your wise opinions.

Hank, my overall pain on a 1-10 scale depends on the day but for two hours of the day it rests at 6. As I told my pain specialist, it then climbs to a 7/8, I take my meds, it dives back to 6, four hours later it climbs to a 7/8 and stays there even with pain meds. By night fall I’m around a 8/9. I take my next long term pain med so I can try to sleep but by then I’m in so much pain, sleep is impossible. I take my next pain meds and I finally doze about 3am only to wake around 6 or 8am and start the day again!

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