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I'm so glad you're doing great on the Big 3!
I couldn't bring up any sputum for the longest time. I was just doing the Aerobica. Then an herbalist suggested I lay flat on my back in bed- no pillow and take deep breaths into my abdomen and bring the inhale up to expand the ribs. Then slowly, thru open mouth, with an sss sound, I let the air come way out till nothing is left.Then again Sometimes I hear a sound and I know it's congestion. I do this 20-40 times then when I cough, the sputum usually comes out.
I don't want another Bronchoscopy, so each time I celebrate my hoarding successfully.

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Ellen…thank you for sharing this technique. It resembles the breathing techniques I do daily in my Yoga sessions…also when I meditate, get anxious, or just plain tired…it calms me down and helps me feel centered. It is absolutely life changing. In my Yoga practice, in a simple way, it involves the air moving up, down, in, out. What your herbalist taught you (& I imitate in yogic practice) is localizing it…the air moving “upward” via the throat (Udana) which manages respiration…and Coughing….bingo! Good work! Hope I can somehow someday reach your level of success. My gunk must be so gluey and stuck…I bring nothing up. I have even resorted to postural help…pulled out my inversion table and started “hanging like a bat…as my hubby refers to my action”.
My goal for 2021…success.

Success & blessings to ALL.