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@akaheisenberg Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I have added your discussion question to the About Kids & Teens group. I did this so you could connect with members like @cryinlion6423, that are also caring for children with illness.

I can't imagine what you are feeling right now. You have taken excellent notes and clearly want more than anything for your daughter to be well. Your provider advised that you seek more specialized healthcare out of the area you live. It would be best to follow this advice. I understand that your livelihood is extremely important. May I ask if you have looked into a job transfer or FMLA?

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Thank you for your response. I have thought about FMLA however with my job (brand new teacher) I'm in a unique situation that would likely result in being replaced, which is understandable. Fmla would protect me from being terminated but to ask a substitute for possible long term work while also taking on the responsibilities of creating and building the curriculum would likely result in that person taking over all together. It is a scenario that is possible, so of course I am cautious as my family depends on my insurance and income (I also have a 2mo newborn). If it was the only option then I will be forced to take it. I have suggested several test to be done here in Vegas, (chest x-ray for possible pneumonia being one of them) as this was never done or recommended. We have not yet seen a good ENT specialist so we do have an appointment in December with "the best" one here but I'm hoping to find additional suggestions or to hear from a doctor that they are confident in determining this issue before she gets worse. I really don't want this to come off as I'm more concerned about my job than my daughter, as that's not the case, but my family is already behind financially with the covid situation this year and making sure that my children's needs can be met are important, so making that decision to put the others in my family at risk is weighing very heavily also. I don't doubt the Mayo as I've heard it's one of the best hospitals in the world but what happens if even there we cannot find the cure?