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I have been working with my new heart failure doctor since July to adjust my meds. What I have found out is that everyone is quite different and reacts to heart meds very differently. The doctor needs to figure out the right mix to meet your needs and life style. It is quite a long road to figure it all out but it can be done. I feel my doctor has gone about it like an investigator. We have tried different doses of different meds and I report back to my doctor about every 10-14 days through the patient portal to see how it is going. If an adjustment is needed, she does it. The doctor also looks at one's lifestyle and basic metabolism. I am pretty active, live on a farm, and work outside quite a bit. For me, we don't want my BP to go too low which can also happen. When it does, I feel worst. I am trying to keep my top number around 125-130 so I have more energy. I cannot comment on what meds or dosages I take since it is so different for everyone. I am 8 months out of open heart surgery and still feel that I am in recovery mode. I exercise by either taking walks or working out on my treadmill at home besides doing the work around the farm. I have to pace myself and make sure to take lots of breaks. I feel my life from now on will be a series of medication adjustments and good communication with my cardiologist and GP. Stay safe and I am happy to communicate more. Hang in there. It will all be ok.

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Thanks for your honesty. I have read alot of posts. Everybody's recovery is their own story and we are all different and like you said have different lifestyles and metabolisms. I have read some never used a walker after surgery, and others had pain for a couple of weeks and went to rehab two to three weeks after surgery. I used a walker then cane, still not in Cardiac rehab three months out because of side effects from meds,feeling dizzy, and some med combinations sent me to ER, admitted to hospital, walk like I'm drunk. I have hope eventually it will all be fine but getting there is just going to take more time. I think accepting that this is my life now, living with HOCM, now just HCM, well I miss my old life. I never had symptoms til January of this year, took persistance in telling my doctors there is something wrong with me. Tried to explain how I felt but they only thought it was hypertension and would increase my blood pressure meds. I didn't give up pressing for more testing till finally someone listened and ordered a Cardiac MRI and then came the diagnosis. Medications did not relieve me of my symptoms. Post surgery I thought I was on the mend but again medications keep getting adjusted, side effects are really keeping me in neutral. I'm going forward though and not giving up my dream to be someday looking back and take what I've experienced through all of this and help those who are just starting this journey. Wow, work on a farm, that's hard work. The best to you in your continuing recovery!!!

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