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Chronic Chest Pain for months on end. help :(

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Hi Lori! Thanks for taking the time to read and reply to my post 🙂

I am currently in the process of looking for a new Cardiologist, since as you pointed out, I must rule out heart problems.

Regarding my diet, I'm almost done with the full month Nexium treatment, eat only steamed fish, chicken, soft vegetables and rice, and seem to be getting worse each day. I will definitely look into the foods that you mentioned since healing my stomach is my main -and only- approach at the moment. As I mentioned to @jesfactsmon, Nexium doesn't make much sense to me either but it seems to be better than nothing 🙁

Thanks again for replying, your words mean a lot to me. Have a great day!


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@emilymahomie Emily, you have come to a fabulous group of people here. You have no idea! I forgot to mention L-Glutamine to you. You need to research this, as it is a number 1 stomach healer. I mean, tops!!!! See if you can get it, and take it. Have fresh papaya every day, add bone broth powder to your diet, eat kefir, make a daily tea of green tea, turmeric and pepper, and grated, fresh ginger. All of these are natural stomach healers, and do work. And of course, I am glad you are researching a new cardio doc. Listen to Hank, here. He puts his heart and soul into being helpful. I will not add anything about your journey to America, but please take Hank's advice. Be very careful traveling with Covid. You are so young, to feel so sick. It is bad enough when you get sick when you are older. My very best to you, and please add those healthy stomach things. I have helped my stomach using them, without any meds whatsoever. I never tried the L-Glutamine when I had stomach problems, but just learned of it in some amazing videos. My best to you, Lori Renee