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@romero1972, My heart hurts for you and for your family as you reach out to support your dear mother. I am currently dealing with a very difficult situation that involves a loved one, and out of respect for that person's privacy I am not able share any details. My emotions, eating, sleeping, etc are all affected right and I can almost feel what you must be going thru right now.
Since I did have liver failure that led to a transplant, I think I can understand what you and your mom are going thru. It is a hard fact to accept, but transplant is not a solution for everyone. It is a long hard journey, and the patient has to be free of infections and strong enough to survive a complicated major surgery. There is never a guarantee that an organ will even be available. Perhaps this is why the doctors are replying as they have been.

Romero, my big concern is your mom. What is her current condition? Is she alert, or able to eat? Is she in any pain or discomfort? Are you or a loved one able to be with her and to hold her hand?

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Thank yuh you my mom is is not up but she moves around when we talk to her shes getting feed thru a tube . My wife and I are trying to get to Florida ASAP and my sister and nephew stay with her. We do facetime so I'm able to see her move when I'm talking to her. But the doctors still say her liver is very bad. They also say she wont make thru a liver transplant. I hope your love one gets better. My prayers to you and family.