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Lots of different sensations - Is this Neuropathy?

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They happen usually in the evenings. Sometimes I can go a couple days without having any but most times it's every day. They seem to happen different places every day but the same place over and over on that day if you understand what I'm saying. I'll get a pain and it'll last for 10 seconds to a minute then it'll be gone. Then it will come back a few seconds later and happen over and over a dozen or more times. The next day it will happen in a different place.

Tell me more about these new pills and reasons I should not take them please. I have had two heart attacks and am not able to take most common medicines. Should I be worried about this new medicine? What should I watch for? I haven't had the chance to run these new pills past my regular doctor but I did ask my cardiologist if they were safe for me to take before I started. I have only taken two doses so far. I will say that I have not had a single pain since I took the first dose. But, as I said, I can go a couple days without any pains once in a while so it's still too early to say if they are working.

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What you are describing is worse than my wife's situation vis-a-vis the sudden stabbing pains. For one thing, you describe yours as a red hot poker kind of feeling. Hers is more like a long thick sharp needle or an ice pick being shoved in at various places. When they happen it's usually not more than 2 or 3 times over a period of, say, an hour or so and then maybe not again that day. She says they usually come in clusters over a given period of several days to a week, and then she might go a week or two or three without any. It's VERY random in terms of when they happen and where they happen on her body.

For you this sounds more untenable as far as just living with it if it's possible to do something to calm it or stop it altogether. If you are able to tolerate the Amitriptyline, that's great. Sounds like you need to see how it goes and see how these pains do while using the drug. I do see there are some issues with this drug and heart issues. Did your cardiologist say anything about that?