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Mario (@mariouk)

Six non Invasive IPMNs

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Hey @hopeful33250 (Teresa)..

I really need to stop updating you so late at night as I am too tired and make no sense.

The doctors will continue treating me as an IPMN patient as they can’t be 100% certain what my cysts are. By treating me as an IPMN patient we are playing the safe game. I am having an MRCP because thats the general recommendation to my size cyst (scans every 6 months) alternating between MRCP and EUS/FNA.

In regards the CEA , mine was not collected through blood but it was collected through pancreatic fluid. After my badly written msg last night , I searched the Internet and it seems that they are two types of CEA which have led to the confusion.

In a nutshell I was hoping others had their CEA measured using FNA and not through bloods so we can compare values 🙂

I will , like always, keep you updated and please do tag me if I can help others with IPMN but there is a good chance I will be quiet for a while, until the next scan, nothing personal 😉


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Thanks for the added information, @mariouk, I hope that others may be able to help you with your question about CEA measurements.

Mario, I’m not a doctor but I had I had an IPMN cyst removed from the tail of my pancreas in January. Before that I had an EUS/FNA. CEA measurements indicate If your cyst has mucin in it or not. It doesn’t tell you whether or not you have cancer. A high CEA from the cyst itself means the cyst has mucin in it. A low CEA means your dealing with another type of cyst. It really doesn’t matter the CEA number. I believe if it’s over 192 then it’s considered elevated. Mine was in the thousands but I didn’t have cancer. I had high grade dysplasia. I think you might be confusing to CEA levels in the actual cyst verses CA 19-9 which i believe is a blood test to search for pancreatic cancer