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Six non Invasive IPMNs

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Update: Randomly my consultant called me and it seems that the hospital missed that cytology test but due to my CEA levels been so low , the MDT council believe that my cysts might not be mucinous .. The decision is now for me to have an MRCP in a different hospital that offers more protocols in June (6 months gap) and then another EUS/FNA 6 months after that. Depending on finding I might be then scanned every year …

The consultant said that my cea levels were very low (26.9) and benign but at the same time said that cea isn’t a cancer tumour marker ! My amylase levels were confusing him too as those are atypical for IPMN (63).

Any suggestions on what is CEA really ( dr google has been all over the place) and if indeed a low CEA means that my cysts are not mucinous , then what are they ? I know you wouldn’t know just having a fun vent

Consultant thinks now that my pancreas might have a disease that generates simple cysts but as they can’t prove either belief we will proceed down the path of IPMN monitoring, which to be honest it’s not a bad result at all. I prefer been monitored than not 🙂

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I appreciate this rather interesting update, @mariouk. I checked on a U. S. website that gives information on lab tests. Here is the link where you can find information about the CEA test, https://labtestsonline.org/tests/carcinoembryonic-antigen-cea.

So, let me be sure I understand. You need to decide on having an MRCP in order to more clearly define that pancreatic cyst disorder. Is that correct?