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Exercise causing oxygenation drop

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Sue, I have wrongly resisted using levalbuteral inhalers for a dumb reason. My dad had asthma and our life revolved around rushing to the drugstore to get him another inhaler as he’s gasping, neglecting to ever have a stand by. I was tested for asthma many times, told I didn’t have it but to try this or that inhaler to see if it helped my lung power. I didn’t want to live like my dad, dependent on an inhaler. Your description makes me (1) knock my head against the wall for refusing and (2) deciding to ask my pulmonologist for a prescription. Thanks.

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Inhalers have been a way of life in our home since my children were small. We never went anywhere without them. I remember my daughters cross-country skiing competitively with an inhaler tucked into a specially constructed pocket in the sleeve of their condom-suits (the name the girls gave their second-skin-like uniforms), and how excited my daughter was to cross the finish line in 10th grade without needing it – for the first time in 4 seasons! Then at 40, I was diagnosed with asthma as well – and realized I had it since at least my teens and didn't know it.
Unlike your Dad, we never ran out of rescue inhalers. I have one in my purse, in my nightstand, and depending on the season in my backpack/tote bag/bike bag/dance bag. My husband has been known to ask me "Do you have your inhaler?" before we leave the house. I HATE gasping for air!
Both of my daughters still travel with theirs as well.
I hope this helps you.

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