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UPDATE back into radiation – his 4th this year – will be 41 days of it total Go for Verification and Pictures tomorrow had his initial consultation last week or befor – not sure days and tasks running into each other Not sure what is going on or will be going on made the trip to Indy for the labs/dr/infusion and she called me at 12:51 p.m. to cancel the 1:30 p.m. (she had just called the landline a few seconds before as firend called me to tell me he listened to the message we were not to come) and was just getting ready to turn into the Vermont Parking garage since there has been no Valet parking since mid March – gives us the half hour to trek the block up to the main entrance – answer all the Covid-19 screening Q's and trek our asses over to the Barnhill elevators and up to 2nd floor i miss the valet as it was worth the $10 if did not get a voucher ticket for it (Infusion & radiation treatments general if someone does not loose the ticket before he hands it to me)

The rebuild is on a roll picture attached kitchen cabinets will be ordered within a few days – siding is order the soffitting & trim is there on site – not made any draws on the loan as yet but coming up withing the next few days have the 64A up for sale and not sure whats going on there either – several looked on interested but he is trying to take it down below the bank appraisal for the loan – and I won't go that far – think it was $244,000 – with with that I will loose my ass with all the fees and loan payback; agent using the bank figures came up with 248 and I talked it up to 258 I said i would go lower than the later # – I had spreadsheet all made out so i went and crunched figures at all three – took off the tees etc and sent it to the agent have never heard back from him only came to get a signature to get and aerial view of the property from the Ag department – wanted a 10-year yield average again – so had to get it again this round i got quotes for every year

So with everything my temperament is on the ras edge – but i am hanging in keep repeating everything is going to be oaky and will turn out but yet scared

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Replies to "UPDATE back into radiation - his 4th this year - will be 41 days of it..."

Oh, I love this. Nice design. HAs radiation helped him recently? How does he do with it?

Great looking home, @reibur1951! Your self-talk sounds great, just keep it up.

You said that the radiation is for 41 days total. Are those consecutive days?

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