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Thank you for your reply – and I actually have contacted a lawyer. Apparently, unless I can prove there was permenant damage, my case will most likely not get picked up. I reviewed the doctor's history on google reviews and health grades, and although he went to harvard he had some complaints similar to mine.

I purchased the procedure from a direct to consumer company who does the banking. They set you up with a doctor who does the procedure, and advertised the bone marrow aspiration process as a "Simple outpatient procedure lasting 15 minutes". Since they do the business side and the doctor does the medical side, no party is taking real responsibilty and I am on my own.

I wish I would have known this is what it is like and that my life would be forever altered.

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You have my sincere empathy. As someone who has been athletic all my life I can truly understand the frustration of being tossed into unfamiliar territory of being sidelined. Having read one of your earlier posts you mentioned that walking actually helped somewhat but that intense exercise really exacerbates the pain. You’re currently training for an Ironman competition so I’m guessing you’re not unfamiliar with pain and possible sports related injuries. The first thing that comes to mind is “Listen to your body” and perhaps back out of the competition this year. The last thing you wanted to hear. But it might give your body the opportunity to heal by not putting strain on the muscles/tendons attached to the aspiration area. Treat this like a sports injury where you need to be out for a while, do some PT and then move forward. If it helps, you may avoid permanent injury and get some relief or find out that it is ongoing, then follow through with a plan of action.

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