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@gmaill123, What we or anyone else have gone through doesn’t in any way diminish what you’re living through. We each have our own personal battles. You obviously felt you were doing something to contribute to your future, if needed. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this!
In my opinion, I really think you need to contact a reputable facility which does Bone Marrow/Stem Cell procedures such as one of the Mayo Clinic’s, MD Anderson, or someplace with a notable reputation, (Hematology dept) explain what has happened and get an opinion from specialists in the field. Something doesn’t sound right with this entire situation, especially with the doctor who performed the procedure dismissing you after asking too many questions. What doesn’t check with me is that most stem cells are procured peripherally through blood, not through an actual bone marrow specimen. Very little marrow is extracted during an aspiration. Though I do understand even freshly extracted teeth are being stored cryogenically for the small amount of stem cells they hold.
After having 10 bone marrow biopsies, which is a bone marrow aspiration, I have no lingering pain except the last one, 2 weeks ago. Still a bit tender but nothing like what you’re experiencing, that just doesn’t sound normal. I’d also contact a lawyer, check with the BBB and check your doctor’s accreditation and credentials. In a call to Mayo or a reputable clinic, you might want to ask if they’ve ever heard of your clinic. Something just smells fishy. This has impacted your life so negatively, you really need to be aggressive in getting answers. Good luck to you!

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Thank you for your reply – and I actually have contacted a lawyer. Apparently, unless I can prove there was permenant damage, my case will most likely not get picked up. I reviewed the doctor's history on google reviews and health grades, and although he went to harvard he had some complaints similar to mine.

I purchased the procedure from a direct to consumer company who does the banking. They set you up with a doctor who does the procedure, and advertised the bone marrow aspiration process as a "Simple outpatient procedure lasting 15 minutes". Since they do the business side and the doctor does the medical side, no party is taking real responsibilty and I am on my own.

I wish I would have known this is what it is like and that my life would be forever altered.

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