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Melanoma: Questions about radiation

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Hi Chris. Thank you for your reply. I am not being seen or treated by an oncologist. I have been treated by Mid-Florida Dermatology. I am waiting to get the results from the most recent biopsy on my chest. At the time they took the biopsy, they also froze a sport about an inch from the biopsy location. So at this time, I don't know what the treatment, if any, will be. I have my skin checked every six months, however, I find that I am running over there every time I see a new spot! My concern is the radiation from the mammogram and dental x-rays. My dermatologist has not referred me to an oncologist; I hadn't even thought about that. Someone from this group mentioned that they transferred their records to a cancer center.

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Good Morning,
I am also in mid-Florida.
I did not feel that a 'regular' dermatologist was doing a good enough job.
I just switched to Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa where I had my lung cancer surgery.
I was very pleased with the thoroughness and the care I received.
I have not seen this particular dermatologist, yet, as I am not due for my 6 month checkup.
Hope this helps,

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