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Melanoma: Questions about radiation

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Hi @sherilewis, I'd like to add my welcome to @artscaping's. I also extended the title of this discussion to reflect your query about radiation and included the discussion in the Cancer group here: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/cancer/

I did this so that you can connect with fellow members in both the Skin Health group and Cancer group who have experience with melanoma, like @grandmar @gingerw @joe0818 @gaybinator @bdpp @texas7777 and others.

I agree with Chris that it is better to have any dental work done before treatment. Is it time for your regular mammogram within the next year? If yes, you might wish to ask the surgeon or radiation oncologist about having that done before radiation. Do you know if radiation is the next step or will the results of the biopsy determine next steps?

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@colleenyoung @sherilewis Melanoma can present so many different ways! Mine was on my right forearm, and amelanotic, meaning colorless. If I hadn't pushed for a biopsy, not telling what might have happened!

I had the entire tumor removed, and a skin flap surgery performed with 32 stitches on the surface. Mine was stage 2, Clark Level II, and required no further treatment. There is a full skin check every 6 months. Because mine was done in such a short time from diagnosis, and no after-treatment, there was no need to consider dental work or mammograms.

I suggest conferring with your radiologist, and dentist, for their thoughts on the subject. Let us know what they teach you, so we can all become better informed!

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