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Celebrating an antibiotic-free year

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dee65, most drs prescribe doing the nebulized saline twice a day, I used to be religious about staying on schedule, but recently went to once a day. I did it because I am so exhausted by nightfall that I tend to skip that dose. I am paying the price now for doing that. Something is trying to infect my lungs and I have a lot of inflammation going on in them. I am now coughing a lot, whereas I had not coughed in four yrs. I am also very short of breath. I am really trying to be a good girl and get back into the habit of twice a day nebbing with saline. I would be better with it if it were the only thing I had to nebulize. I have to do three vials in a row of albuterol, saline, then tobramycin. It takes a lot of time to go through all three and seems unsurmountable when you are exhausted. Maybe this will help you to realize the importance of doing your saline twice a day: would you only wash your hands once a day? It is important to clean our lungs. I am doing a saline treatment right now as I type this. I just coughed up sputem with a turquoise fiber in it. I must have breathed it in. Can you imagine if that had been left in my lung? That and other garbage? I am sorry that my post has taken a gross turn here, but, the reality is; is that our lungs don't self clean like normal. Keeping them cleared with saline may help a great deal in staving off infections.

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Thanks for the reminder to stay with nebulizing twice a day. It’s hot yo be exhausting to do 3 vials in a row! Don’t worry about being gross – a turquoise fiber is no worse than what everyone coughs up most days.

@windwalker yes I know how you feel with fatigue, I was also only doing the morning saline and started coughing alot, I have been rediagnosed with MAI in my lower left lobe (wondering if thats the last lobe saline reaches). I am starting the meds again(what a pain) the MAI has been tested for the big 3 and is susceptible to them, thank goodness, I asked about other drugs but she said they have worse side effects, I mentioned they may be faster but she wasnt keen. Sorry its not good news, hope you are feeling better soon.
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