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Celebrating an antibiotic-free year

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Nov 24, 2020 | Replies (105)

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I use a SmartVest and nebulize 3% saline solution with an Aerobika while using the Vest for two 30-minute treatments a day. I'm convinced that it is helping me avoid home health care with a midline to infuse antibiotics or to take intravenous antibiotics to deal with my pseudomonas colonization and exacerbations. My question is for those of you who report success with 7% saline solution. Did you ever use 3%? Is the success you are reporting due to the use of 7% saline per se (i.e., it's the only strength you ever used), or are you reporting an increase over prior experience with a 3% saline solution? I think my pulmonologist has me on 3% because the inhalation tends to cause me to cough; perhaps the 7% would increase that effect. I'm asking this question to get more data before raising the issue with him in my appointment next week.

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@pssurfer and @taya There is a copy of the saline chart floating around this group (I will have to search for mine if nobody else posts it) NIH did a study and it proved that the 7% saline actually kills the mac, the 3% is not strong enough. The chart shows which percentages of saline strength kills which bacteria types and other pathogens. I believe that some drs are just unaware of this and some people have printed the chart and article to take and show their physician. Some patient's lungs are too fragile due to history of pulmonary ebolisms (blood clots in the lungs), or from cavities in the lungs. It is good to ask your dr WHY you are being limited to 3% saline. For some of us, we need the 7% strength to adequately agitate the lungs to produce the desired cough to bring the gunk up. For others still battling mac infection; it helps to kill down the mac.

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