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Celebrating an antibiotic-free year

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Nov 24, 2020 | Replies (105)

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@windwalker Thanks for thinking of me, Terri. Although I have not been posting, I'm still coming to the site to read posts by others often. I'm doing great, except the allergies are really bothering me. My throat is scratchy all the time and cough more because of scratchy throat and thicker mucus. After months of following the governors order of staying home, I've finally resumed playing tennis. Outdoors first, then moving indoors lately with the mask on. Can you imagine running around the tennis court with the mask on? It's difficult, but it keeps everybody safe and active. So I do it. My husband keeps reminding me that I need to be doubly cautious when I'm with other people because of my lung conditions. I think I've managed to survive OK so far. I'm hoping everyone here is doing fine and keeping the pesky MAC at bay. We can't afford letting our guard down. But we are in the same boat and can still cheer each other on from distance.

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So great to hear you have found a way to be safe and active. I agree about it being hard to run with a mask on – I care for my grandsons, and wear one when we play tag, even outdoors, because they like to tackle me and climb on me, getting in my face. We also do "exercise time" in the house and wear our masks – I usually last about 10 minutes before I need a break away from them. Our best friends play pickleball, have been doing it outdoors, but now need to move in. She wanted them to wear masks, he was not so sure…but the facility settled that – wear a mask or no play.
I'm determined to stay safe – even a common cold means a bout of bronchitis or pneumonia for me.
Have fun!

@ling123 Great hearing from you Ling! I am glad that you are still staying so active. That is important as you know. I adopted a chihuahua this past June, so walking her has kept me moving. She is young so there is also a lot of playtime on the floor. My daughter moved in with me in June due to covid and job loss. Along with her, came her long haired cat cat. My lungs have gone to crap ever since the two animals arrived. My constant cough is back and super short of breath. My daughter's cat is 15 yrs old and they are VERY close. I do ncot have the heart to ask them to leave. I am taking measures to limit myself around kitty though. I have always had teacup poodles for dog pets, they have hair, not fur and minimal dander. So, not sure if my new pooch is also behind my downhill decline. May seek an allergy test to find out. I feel like I am going back to square one when I was sickest with mac. : (

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