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Celebrating an antibiotic-free year

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You said “ my five to six day exercise routine.” Eager to know what you do to stay fit.

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@thumperguy Don, it started when my closest friend, who is a doctor, who told me the day I got diagnosed in 2016 that I HAD to exercise to keep the lungs in the best shape I could. So I listened, bought a FITBIT a few years ago and it keeps track of how much exercise you get and cardio. So I was going to a gym and doing a couple of aerobic classes a week and then on other days the treadmill for 35-40 minutes in a power walk mode. But since COVID I've made myself do my power walk/sometimes slow jog for 30-40 minutes at least five days a week outside but sometimes try to do six days. That 30-40 minutes doesn't always mean it's full cardio because you have to work up to it but my goal is 30 minutes of cardio each day that I go. I also go to my gym again now just one day a week for 30 minutes with a trainer for weight training. I'm suppose to do more weights at home but I don't always get to that. But truly, I've heard some experts say that if you just get out and WALK that's just as good as any other exercise. And there's some days that I'm so tired but I make myself get up and go. Nan