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COVID-19 and Holidays

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HI Merry –
We just had this discussion. In MN, outdoors is possible only about 1 in 10 Thanksgivings, and winter has already arrived, so probably not an option with our little guys. We will have a 2 table meal – daughter & family in dining room, our other daughter & us in living room. Food will be served out of kitchen by 1 masked person. We should be able to augment our house ventilation with an open window with an exhaust fan in another room. Then we'll mask back up and if possible, play outside.

We always do Thanksgiving with my sister and her family – depending on health, we are considering some kind of non-food, masked activity with them that weekend. They are also very careful & limited in their contacts with the world due to elder-Mom-in-law care & fragile grandson.

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Thanksgiving Update
This is hard for me to write, but after discussion with our kids, and a close look at the rate of infection in the Twin Cities, we have sadly altered our Thanksgiving plans.
As the experts keep telling us, even limited indoor gatherings are becoming spreader events because so many people are either totally asymptomatic, or are pre-symptomatic. Our ICU's are, and have been at over 95% of capacity for more than a week. Our positivity rate is at 10% and climbing. We each have elevated risks due to health and/or age.
As a result, even our small family will change our plan. Unless weather permits a picnic (about a 5% chance here), we will each prepare part of the feast, then exchange offerings at the door of our home and eat separately in our own homes while chatting on Zoom. After dinner we will partake in an outdoor activity together – walk, scavenger hunt, etc. If it's raining, we will engage in a toddler-friendly game over Zoom instead. Later, after the kids are in bed, the adults – including a few cousins & my sis – will raise a glass and play a game of Farkle via Zoom.
You do what you can!
How is everyone else planning to celebrate?