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COVID-19 and Holidays

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Hello All- It's that time again to think about the holidays this year. It's so much different than last year. My family and I will have a tailgate Thanksgiving and includes just my sister and brother-in-law. All of our kids are out of state and RI has a very high COVID-19 resurgence so we have to keep this local, per our Governor's request. We can back up our cars so that we are within voice range, have a bit of protection from any wind or snow, and have a grand ole feast. There will be no need for fancy dressing fancy or needing to make pretty food. We will be outside and can park our cars in directions that will protect us from inclement weather if needed. Oh, I can smell the stuffing and turkey already!

There is also a change in mask-wearing and what is considered "close contact" and how that affects infections. Dr. Gregory Poland explains this expertly. I really do think that this needs to be watched. It might help prevent us from getting COVID-19 or giving it to someone.
What will you be doing for Thanksgiving? Will you be having a modified dinner, outside?

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HI Merry –
We just had this discussion. In MN, outdoors is possible only about 1 in 10 Thanksgivings, and winter has already arrived, so probably not an option with our little guys. We will have a 2 table meal – daughter & family in dining room, our other daughter & us in living room. Food will be served out of kitchen by 1 masked person. We should be able to augment our house ventilation with an open window with an exhaust fan in another room. Then we'll mask back up and if possible, play outside.

We always do Thanksgiving with my sister and her family – depending on health, we are considering some kind of non-food, masked activity with them that weekend. They are also very careful & limited in their contacts with the world due to elder-Mom-in-law care & fragile grandson.