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COVID-19 and Holidays

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@merpreb. As I said in previous post, we are going through a very trying time and people are adjusting to the best of their abilities without endangering anyone's well being. While I love seeing children in their creative Halloween costumes, unfortunately this year I will have to pass on handing out candies. Last year I didn't have one single visitor. Local churches and HOAs have been doing that for the last few years.
Thanksgiving is around the corner, usually this is my favorite holiday, and we have been going to my daughter's house for years. My son's family and my son in law's parents are there too. I'm not sure if, and that's a BIG if, we will have our gathering this year. I'm very sad about that. Usually I would go to my daughter's a few days before the holiday and come home with my son.
We're facing the same uncertainty about Christmas 😢😢 I can only hope 2021 would be a better year so we can catch up on the special days we miss this year.

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@mayofeb2020 – This is a dilemma that everyone will be facing to or not to.

@johnbishop– So you drive through and drop off candy?