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Testosterone check after Radiation and lupron

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similar story for me (I was on TRT before being diagnosed with a Gleason of 9 and a PSA of 27) but I had 26 month of Lupron and 39 Proton treatments. My oncologist was also only concerned about the PSA results- he said that is the only thing that needs to be monitored because that result is associated with cancer. The Lupron effect on my muscles, strength, weight and stamina is/was miserable. I used to routinely ride 100 mile group bike rides here in the mountains of Asheville. (I am getting back in shape with an e-bike). These onc docs don't have a holistic approach and are only focused on the cancer outcome. I have to request testosterone levels when I get my PSA. The T level had been <10 now it is at 22 and I will be requesting to go back on TRT. Current literature says there is no problem with TRT post prostate Ca therapy.

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Just an update from my Oct. 6, 2020 post. All needed to go around corners to get my testosterone checked. I have a doctor friend who understood and wrote the blood orders for me. My 3rd and last lupron injection was on Oct. 27 ( a 3 month injection) and had my test checked on Jan 18. It was 12. My next PSA test is on March 23 and my follow up with my medical oncologist is on March 30th. I am going to question him on how I can safely raise my test if possible. My performance at the gym is the real cause of my depression. It could be worse but I'd like it better.