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Cooking during pandemic

Post-COVID Recovery & COVID-19 | Last Active: Oct 15, 2020 | Replies (13)

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@ihatediabetes. I have my first spaghetti squash the other day and I love it. My diet have not change very much during this pandamic. Eating at home everyday has been a challenge… . I miss going out with friends, and I miss sushi the most. Can't do that at home!!! I get a big box of veggies from my local farm every two weeks delivered to my home courtesy of my daughter. I never know what I'll get so it's always fun to find recipes for these veggies. Last week I got Japanese baby turnip so I made a nabe stew with that and other veggies and tofu. My children and friends miss In and Out burgers. Fir those of you who are lucky enough to have In and Out, you'll know what I mean. Not that I eat a lot of that, but it's what I can't have that makes me want it. I lost weight during this pandamic, some of my friends too. My daughter said it's because we don't eat out, as restaurants use butter and goodness know what else to make the food taste so good. I was just talking to my neighbor on our walk, masked and safe distance, that we need to go to In and Out drive through… Yummmmm

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I have noticed that this place called Raising Canes always has a crowded drive thru. I don't go there but I think it's like In and Out Burger in California. My sleep medicine doctor also said that I lost 4 kilos since I was last there. I told him that I think the scale is probably broken. But he just said, "Let's take it" or something like that. I think it's true that restaurants food is higher calorie than what people cook at home.

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