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How do you deal with stubborn doctors?

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Hello @learningstudent. You will notice that I added a little to the title of your discussion to hopefully bring more members into the discussion. I have been lucky for the most part to have doctors that I am able to communicate well with but I have had a few that were a little arrogant. Since you probably aren't going to be able to change the doctor, I think it boils down to a choice on your part. Either you learn how to work with the doctor and work around any issues you have with them, or you find another doctor.

Here's a great article that provides some tips and information on how to develop a working relationship with your doctor. It also link with steps for finding a new doctor.

How to Deal With an Arrogant Doctor: https://www.verywellhealth.com/how-to-deal-with-an-arrogant-doctor-2615003

Another great resource is Dr. Victor Montori's website The Patient Revolution – https://patientrevolution.org/. The Tools For the Visit section has some great tips for planning your conversation with the doctor – https://patientrevolution.org/visit-tools.

As patients, I think we know ourselves and how we feel better than the doctor but it's sometimes difficult for us to communicate effectively with the doctor. Do you think your doctor may be willing to work with you on better communications if you try?

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The problem is that the anxiety things are already on the reports, which will affect other doctors’s diagnosis or opinions and since we need a referral from our primary doctors and there is no way to get the second opinion without the primary doctors’ referral. This is what I do not like. I have gastroparesis and the GI doctor told me that the cause might be due to vagal nerve damage or disorder and not function properly and it is what controls the stomach muscle but the female doctor whom I saw first disagreed with it and blame everything on anxiety.

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