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Apple pie and ice cream.

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@dorisena my heart goes out to you about your sister. Did she have diabetes too?

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Yes, my sister saw six specialists and didn't follow their instructions. She said her diabetes doctor was confusing her. She over ate and cooked fattening foods until she fit nicely into her husband's Hawaian shirt at a little over five feet tall. She smoked but gave it up when she had pneumonia and that is when the drinking got worse. She blamed me for not helping her with her medical problems but criticized every suggestion I made, so I finally told her I didn't know the answer. She claimed she was suicidal and about drove me nuts on the phone. Her arthritis was bad, and the shots in her knee didn't help. She had shots in her eyes for macular degeneration but wasn't able to drive in the end. She lived with a bag of potato chips by her side. I finally quit calling her, for a mental rest, and my sister-in-law and her daughter criticized me more than once for not "helping" my sister. She couldn't be helped. I mourn the good days we had in our past when we gardened, sewed projects, and enjoyed her skilled ceramics hobby. My sister ate herself to death. Dorisena