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Apple pie and ice cream.

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Sorry, I do not understand target zones and and insulin shots because I have only had insulin shots in the hospital when the pain drugs raised my blood sugar. It has little to do with what I eat. Many of us here are dedicated to lowering our blood sugar with diet and exercise, which a few doctors don't believe we have the discipline to do for our health. Apparently you are in the high blood sugar zone and need to see a nutritionist to improve your diet. Using drugs to manage your blood sugar takes some education about your body and how it works when you have diabetes. The type and amount of food you eat changes the dynamic, as well as exercise and activity. I would never eat a donut and coffee for breakfast, diabetes or not. The chips and apple pie for lunch was a dangerous thing to do as well unless you plan to run a few miles after lunch. I might add that my target zone is lower than what most doctors choose for good health. I don't want damaged eyes, damaged brain, obesity, and my declining hearing to get any worse. And I like to stay awake during the day, so I choose a low carb diet, lots of protein, veggies, some fruit, and a little whole grain bread. Study the amount of carbs in white foods and choose wisely. That will do you more good and protect your future health than this confusing apparatus you are using without much education about diabetes. Start reading on the web and you will get good information to help you choose and learn about how your blood sugar functions with diabetes. If I had a couple of hours, I could explain it all to you and you would be on a good path for better health. At this point your health is at risk . i know because I watched my husband die. Dorisena

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I looked at your chart again, and notice that the target zone is misleading. What it says is that for one fourth of your day you are at risk for diabetic disease damage, and the rest of the day you are probably safe from something. I wouldn't accept that at all. Read about glycemic index and learn that donuts, chips, apple pie, and ice cream are enemies to your health right now. Yes, it matters, to answer your question. Fourteen years after I started, I can indulge on occasion, but I know once is enough. Pasta once a month is o.k. for me.
Cake on my birthday is o.k. but I will probably get a headache. Donuts are addicting to me because I can't eat just one. Start studying.
It is what you eat and how much you move. The machine is not the cure. You don't want to go half way in this battle. Dorisena