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Alternative to Bisphosphonates

Bones, Joints & Muscles | Last Active: Oct 2, 2020 | Replies (13)

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I have wondered the same thing about AlgaeCal as well as any others. I just wish I knew what is the best thing to take. There are so many conflicting answers.

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Hi dappy, I agree with you. I've just added 3mg of Boron to my New Chapter Bone Strength. It has the Ds and the Ks and the Mag and the Strontium. This may be a repeat like I'm famous for bc of my memory problems, but I just learned from my nutritionist that vitamin D needs fat to do it's work enabling the body to absorb calcium. My Bone Strength is plant-based (algae) calcium which is supposed to be more easily digested by the body. I din't know, there is a bone-based supplement that my friend takes as well. It has good logic to ingest animal bone which is supposed to be identical to our own. Here's a link to some of those options;
Good luck making your decision! Many blessings, Sunnyflower @contentandwell @criss