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I have same type of cancer. Surgery ruled out as well as radiation.I had chemo treatments Of Carboplatin, Pembrolizumeb, Pemetrexed And Keytruda. from March till November last year every 21 days. Got sick (Throw up) For 7-10 days after treatment. Finally I took a 21 day break and like the feeling of getting stronger and not being sick. Went back to Mayo and said I was done with chemo and would just do the Keytruda. Been doing well on just the immune therapy. Only thing I have is blowouts for half a day. Just don’t leave the house that day. Been 10 months and everything is stable at this point. Have been told from the begging this was terminal. As it has spread to stomach and kidney. Just nodules and they have stayed the same. They had to drain a quart of fluid from lung lining as tumor was quite large. This was a very aggressive cancer but has slowed down. I did not have a second opinion felt they knew what they were dealing with and I did not.

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@richcolleen My goodness you have really done well comsidering all the treatment you ahve gone through. Were I in your place I would not hesitate to get a second opinion. being here in Texsas, i would choose M.D. Anderson. However, I'm sue here are other places that people also can recommend. I'm glsad the tumors are shrinking. I will be thinking of you and hope you keep us posted about how you are doing and what you choose to do. Blessingd to you.