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Help me please only 27!!!

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I think I have empty nose syndrome as my nose is dry and crusty and all screwed up. It was never right after surgery. However, I think something else happened that caused all the rest of this too… maybe an infection or something?

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@10987654321-I am telling you the same thing happened to me. What you are describing exactly. After my sinus surgery. The way you are describing how you walk etc…
I was told by the ENT when I went back for follow up and complaints, that I had “conversion disorder” also.
They seem to have a script for this.

Before I was completely fine. Physically and mentally fit, more than 100% healthy.

Afterwards, the same things you are describing happened to me.

You can private message me if you would like. And I can explain what I have learned.

My questions for you are:
•What were your presenting symptoms that took you to an ENT, with whom conducted surgery?

•What was the exact surgery performed, meaning the anatomy and areas?

•Have you obtained a post surgical scan and different ENT opinions?

I can try to give you more advice, I just need a little more detail on your experience.

Be careful of people who are giving you random diagnosis, causing you more anxiety while going through this. If they don’t know your history it is not helpful if they are giving guidance based on symptoms that are a cause of a bigger picture.